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Why Does your business need hyperzone®?

HYPERZONE® marketing targets prospective customers in a highly specific, geographically restricted area with the intention of targeting people conducting searches on their mobile devices. HYPERZONE® is created specifically for businesses with a physical presence, be it a shop, hotel, restaurant, spa, bank and the like.

  • 01
    Customers have changed
  • 02
    Technology has changed
  • 03
    Business Search has changed
"Near Me" and related terms are no longer just about finding a specific place. Now it's about finding a specific thing, in a specific area, and in a specific period of time.
  • 150%+
    growth in mobile searches for "__Near me now"

    (for example, "food near me now", "gas station near me now", and "delivery near me open now")

  • 900%+
    growth in mobile searches for "__Near me today/tonight"

    (for example, "open houses near me today", "cheap hotels near me tonight", and "movies playing near me today")

  • 200%+
    growth in mobile searches for "Open" + "Now" + "Near Me"

    (for example, "restaurants near me open now", "stores open near me right now", and "pharmacy near me open now")


How does hyperzone® increase your sales?

HYPERZONE® puts your business ahead of your competitors by positioning it across 128 channels, as opposed to most businesses that may appear on only a couple.

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